Bootcamp for Starting Entrepreneurs in a Circular Economy


Do you dream of running a circular business but you don’t know where to start? Are you looking for a viable business model that includes sharing, reusing, repairing or remanufacturing products? Or do you have a circular business idea, but are you struggling with developing it into a convincing business pitch?

C-BOOT is an international coaching program designed to help you develop a strong and convincing business pitch for a circular economy business model. During a 3-month coaching program, you will receive coaching, knowledge and inspiration to strengthen the circularity and business value of your idea. At the end of the program, you will be ready to start with concrete actions to make your idea reality. You will also receive assistance with applying for start-up support at EIT RawMaterials or other incubators.

Who should apply?

The focus of C-BOOT is on developing business ideas that encourage the inner circles of the circular economy by providing solutions for the longer use, shared use, reuse, repair or remanufacturing of products. The program targets students, entrepreneurs and professionals with initial ideas, and with the intention to initiate a circular business start-up or intrapreneurship project.

What do we offer?

The program consists of learning activities, site visits and coaching provided by circular economy and entrepreneurship experts from VITO, Lund University and Trento University. Through three intense 3-day bootcamps in Belgium, Sweden and Italy, participants will go through a process of problem identification and validation, circular solution finding and validation, and skill building. The ultimate goal is to develop a solid circular business pitch that will boost your start-up or intrapreneurship aspirations.

CBOOT provides a unique blend of entrepreneurial and sustainability perspectives needed to create successful business ideas that deliver added value for both the customer and the environment. With the support of EIT RawMaterials, we can offer this intensive programme free of charge. 

When, where, what?

The program runs from September until November 2019. Participants are expected to travel to Belgium (September), Sweden (October), and Italy (November) for 3-day intensive bootcamps at VITO (BE) University of Lund (SE) and University of Trento (IT). More details about the timing and contents of the program can be found on the Program Details page.

How do I get in?

You can apply for participation in the programme until May 20, by clicking on the "Register" button below. You will be asked to provide more information about yourself, and submit a CV (please note that your candidacy will only be considered if you have answered all questions and uploaded your CV). To ensure high quality coaching and support, the programme will select 18 participants based on their demonstrated interest in starting a circular business or intrapreneurship project.